Isn’t it about time you turn the tables and cook for mom on her one special day? There’s nothing that says, “Mom – you’re awesome,” like a handmade, lovingly crafted dessert. Out of all the sweets in all the world, there are none made with more love than a homey pie, so take this list and get to work.

1) Key Lime Pie

Flickr: paul goyette

Don’t fret if you’re in Wisconsin, where a key lime doesn’t stand a chance, just grab a bottle of key lime juice, a few eggs, condensed milk and some graham crackers. Instead of topping with heavy whipped cream, like most recipes, try your hand at meringue, like my mother-in-law Gayle Ambrose does. Promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Substitute lemon juice for key lime, and have yourself a lemon meringue pie instead.

2) Cherry Pie

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No need for elaborate lattice work, but if you put in the effort to apply those intricate criss-cross strips of dough across the top, you can break out of your middle child syndrome when you show up your brother’s lame vase of flowers. With the availability of frozen, pitted cherries and pie crusts, it’ll be easy as pie. Pun intended.

3) Buttermilk Chess Pie

Flickr: kimberlykv

If your mom is not a fan of fruit or chocolate desserts, go for this one. It’s a classic custard with a gooey consistency and is as easy as mixing a few ingredients and throwing them in the oven. It may, in fact, take you longer to clean up than it did to put it all together.

4) Apple (a la mode)

Flickr: The Mooncake Box

A pinch of nutmeg, a hint of cinnamon, a flaky, buttery crust and some cheddar cheese for the adventurous few are the components of a great apple pie. Try not to mix the a la mode pies with the ones topped with cheddar cheese, or mom’s tastebuds may get a little confused. Look for Granny Smiths, Braeburns or Pink Lady varieties for best results.

5) Pecan Pie

Flickr: pierrotsomepeople

Just don’t call it a “pee-kan,” if you know what’s good for you. There are many variations of pecan pie, with the common denominator being that lovely, sweet pecan in the center of it all. If mom likes to sip on the sauce a bit, try this Bourbon pecan pie recipe from the very specialized

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