4 Restaurant Chains We Hate To Love

No matter who you are, life will offer up plenty of occasions when it is just plain convenient to opt for the comfort and familiarity of a brand where you pretty much already know exactly what you’re getting from the menu. Whatever your gripes might be about chain restaurants, you can’t just categorically dismiss them and spend the rest of your life hanging out in trendy bistros with your highfalutin friends.

Whether it’s a night at the Olive Garden because your parents want a “Tour of Italy,” or midnight stumble to the International House of Pancakes to sober up and get ready for another day of work, here are four restaurants that are easy to hate, but you probably still frequent more often than you’d care to admit.

So what is causing this indifference with these chains? In this article, we will be comparing and covering various American favorites.

1) Chili’s

Regardless of the food’s quality, or how much you might be enjoying your meal, your experience may be tainted by your ever-growing fear that someone is going to cleverly bust out a little baby-back-ribs jingle. But, what keeps bringing us back?

Chilis has been in the restaurant game for almost fifty years, popular for its American cuisine and casual dining. With Texas origins, Chili’s spicy and southern twists have made this chain known for meals such as their Baby Back Ribs and various Fajitas.

Chili's owner sees people return in droves for sizzling fajitas, ribs and $5 margaritas

In addition, Chilis is famous for its various chilies and spices, hence the name chilis. They are extremely popular throughout the world, with over 2,000 locations in America alone.You can find chilis all around the world including Canada, Mexico, India, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and many more.

Chilis is designed to provide comfort for customers with its casual yet classy atmosphere. Customers are able to enjoy chilis elegant dining service along with chilis yummy chilis dishes.

2) PF Chang’s

There are certain types of food that just don’t seem like they should cost over $10, and pretty much every Americanized Chinese food item would qualify for the list.

Yet despite the fact that our Chang’s Spicy Chicken costs just a little bit too much, and the Lettuce Wraps never seem to give you quite enough to be completely satisfied, it’s hard not to keep getting lured in by the glowing red sign and the giant statues in front.

Here Are Our Favorite Vegan Options at P.F. Chang's

PF changs is a popular restaurant that specializes in Chinese cuisine. PF changs was originally started in Massachusetts by Philip Chiang, who then moved on to California where he opened his first location of PF Changs. There are currently more than 200 locations of restaurants around the world.

PF changs is known for their unique take on Chinese food while still sticking with traditional dishes. The menu items include items such as potstickers, lettuce wraps, and fried rice dishes.

It has since grown into one of America’s favorite restaurants that serve delicious Chinese food to customers from all over the country.

3) Red Robin

With a rapidly expanding menu and a wacky drink list, Red Robin and its catchy jingle have been loved by Americans for almost fifty years. Although Red Robins seems to fail on the spectrum of ‘trendiness’, invariably this becomes the destination of choice whenever your group reaches the awkward size where it becomes impossible to settle on a restaurant that makes everyone happy.

Red Robin restaurants are located throughout the United States as well as in Canada. Red Robin was founded by Bill Carlick in 1969.

He wanted to open an establishment that served quality hamburgers at reasonable prices with speedy service that would appeal to both families and businesspeople on quick lunch breaks.

Red Robin | CannonIV

Whether you are in the mood for bottomless fries, seasonal beers, themed cocktails, pizza, burgers, racks of ribs and more, find a Red Robbin near you!

The company has recently started offering their customers discounted game prices and there is also a loyalty rewards program where members accumulate points with every order which later would be eligible for free food.

4) Olive Garden

If you’re a foodie then there’s definitely plenty you can bash about it not being “Authentico Italiano,” but when push comes to shove, we’ll defend the never-ending pasta bowls and unlimited soup or salad till the end!

Appetizers can be ordered such as fried calamari and breadsticks with a marinara sauce for dipping or a Caprese salad with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

For the entrée, there is a choice between traditional Italian dishes such as Spaghetti with Meatballs or Fettuccini Alfredo. They also offer entrees outside of pasta such as Veal Marsala with Portabella Mushrooms or Grilled Salmon Piccata with roasted tomatoes that come complete with a side dish.

Their most popular dish is their breadsticks which are made fresh daily at each location while still maintaining high standards for health codes across all branches.

The family style sharing options, meal specials, homey decor, wine cellars, and more… you truly can’t go wrong.

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