Following Amber’s impassioned defense of Guy Fieri, it seems like there might be some dissension in the ranks of the Daily Fork staff. It’s not like the host of “Triple D” isn’t an easy target, and although I’ve directed my fair share of pot shots his way, I’ll be the first to admit that many of them were simply because he makes it so incredibly easy. When your entire persona is built around being so xtreme you don’t even need an “E,” you’re setting yourself up for being mocked. Regardless of whether it’s authentic, the ridiculous poses, outdated catch phrases (sorry, calling something “money” was acceptable for about a 2-week window back in 1996) and obnoxious food descriptions make him a hard guy to like.

Fear not fierious readers, a response post will be forthcoming. However, in the interim, those of you who enjoy the over the top caricature that is Guy Fieri can bask in this beautiful desktop background.

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