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New York

DuMont Burger and Donovan’s Pub
Robert Sietsema: Perch on the padded bar stool at Williamsburg’s DuMont Burger and enjoy the city’s best burger–a charred half-pound patty planted on a brioche bun, with a goodly heap of infant lettuces, purple onions, and homemade pickles (half-sour slivers and slices of sweet), along with a…More >>

Orange County

The Counter
Ever since Oprah plugged it, the Counter has been a runaway hit in LA. And chances are you’ve already been to the first OC branch in Irvine. But if you haven’t, here’s a tip: Forget even picking up that pencil. Just put it down. We know it’s tempting, what with all the burger…More >>


Delux Burger
Lately, we’ve noticed that we hardly ever order burgers anymore — unless we’re at Delux. Why settle for less? The signature burger at this sleek, stylish bar and grill is the only one we truly crave when our carnivorous instincts kick in, and apparently we’re in good company, seeing how…More >>

Delux Burger: It’s what carnivores crave!

San Francisco

Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers
In a foodie town like San Francisco, burgers come in all shapes and sizes and prices. Here are some of our favorite places that answer the eternal question, “Where’s the beef?” Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers 708 Post (at Jones), 409-6120 Pearl’s stands apart from other psychedelically inclined…More >>


McCoy’s Firehouse Bar & Grill
Remember Flaky Jake’s, that place where a burger bar meant more than just ketchup, mayo, and mustard? Build-your-own was the premise at Flaky Jake’s, and they had some wacky-ass items to plop on your patty, although I was too young to remember exactly what (surely you could make a taco burger,…More >>

St. Louis

Newstead Tower Public House
The key to the hamburger is the hamburger. If that’s not a Zen koan, it should be. Too many burger joints view the humble patty — which, you know, just so happens to be a cornerstone of American culture — as a vacant lot on which they can build terrifying towers of caloric excess….More >>

Mokabe’s Coffeehouse (Veggie Burger)
Every once in a while, just about any vegetarian craves meat: hot dogs, hamburgers, even — gasp! — beef jerky. Said vegetarians are thankful for MoKaBe’s housemade veggie burger. Sure, lots of joints offer veggie burgers these days — gritty patties so dry they fall apart with…More >>

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