Collapsible Roasting Pan
(image credit:Taylor Gifts)


?Roasting pans take up too much room, but Foldtuk Silicone 3-in-1 Collapsible Roaster lets you cook, serve and store food all in the one container. Features “fold and tuck” technology that expands 9″ high for cooking or flattens to 3″ for storage. It can hold up to a 20-lb turkey or roast at temperatures up to 500°F. It’s on sale for $39.99.

No Mess Bacon Cooker
(image credit:shopgetorganized)


?What is this crazy device? It’s for bacon, of course. The no-mess bacon cooker lets grease drip off completely while microwaving, leaving crisp, meaty strips. The bacon strips hang beneath the lid, you snap the lid closed, and then you nuke the bacon. For $19.98, you could say goodbye to paper towels, for bacon at least.

ActiFry Crispens
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?With only 1 tbsp of oil, you can “fry” 2.2 lbs of fries in the T-fal ActiFry “healthy fryer.” ActiFry works with convection-like cooking, but you still have to stir the potatoes to get them crispy on all sides. Yes, it will help avoid cardiac arrest…unless the sticker price of $300 does you in.

Grater Set
(image credit:microplane)


?With this Gourmet Grater Set, you’ll be prepared for any type of grating. Zester/Grater is for all your zesting and fine grating. The Medium Ribbon is best for soft cheeses. Be ready to pay $39.95 for this set.

Magnetic Knife Blocks
(image credit:gizmodo.,comparestoreprices)


?If you’ve spent a small fortune on your knife collection, why hide them away inside a knife block? These two different magnet knife blocks would look lovely for display purposes, but neither of them are a chopping block in any way. The top wooden one is $80, while the stainless steel magnetic knife block will cost you £999999.00! Oh, and one more bit of bad news…knives are not included.

(image credit:mauriziomaiorana)


?Cooka is an innovative cooking alternative. Cooka creates a hot air stream around the pot that comes out from silver plate holes. This ensures zero wastage of heat during cooking. When cooking is finished, the system can be cleaned and stored in a compact place by bending it like a tablecloth.

Spaceboy Trash Can
(image credit:gizmodo)


?Oh, it’s shiny…this loud orange spaceship by Wesco. This is the 100 percent steel Spaceboy garbage can.

It’s doubtful any of your neighbors will have one, but it will cost you about $250. They should be available for purchase sometime later this year.

Creative Dinner / Piano Table
(image credit:reluct)


?If you like to play the piano and of course you still need to eat, why not combine the two? You flip open a panel on this Piano Table and you’ll have a fully-functional instrument. It would be great for people in apartments or anyone who doesn’t have room for a traditional piano. The cost is about 4,500 Euros.

Lego Kitchen
(image credit:gizmodo)


?This is too cool! The Lego Kitchen would take extreme patience to construct. This one is a Swedish IKEA kitchen island made from more than 20,000 pieces of Danish Lego. There are also chairs with Lego legs. Cost on this one? Priceless.

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