As we’ve mentioned before, we sure do love us some unique bottle designs. And, the prettier the bottle, the more excited we get about the prospect of placing it up on our bar so all our friends can look upon it with envy. “Can I try that one?” they’ll ask, as we ignore their request and pour them a glass of whatever happens to be on sale this month. “Oh that?” we’ll finally respond, “We’re saving that for a special occasion.” Truth is, the special occasion is just having someone notice. The vodka itself will probably only lead to disappointment, but having people covet the things you’ve acquired will never let you down. With that in mind, here are 10 lust-worthy vodka bottles to inspire envy from your friends. (Or, at the very least, make them think you’re kind of a dick for never sharing the good stuff.)

1) Elite Vodka Sword & Scabbard



2) Firestarter Honey Vodka


3) Military 5 Premium Vodka


4) Gotham Vodka


5) Forcoll Vodka (Vodka / Gin Set)


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