We do love hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and as long as the food is good we don’t really care that much about the ambiance. However, having said all that, there are still some occasions that warrant a nice evening out. And, if you notice any of the following 10 things at a restaurant, there’s a good chance you might not be at the classiest place.

10) The Bathroom Has a Trough Urinal

9) There are License Plates on the Wall

8) The Waiter Writes Their Name on the Table in Crayon

7) You Have to Pay Before You Eat

6) You’re Interrupted Every 90 Seconds by a Model Train Rollin’ On By

5) If You Eat Your Meal in Under an Hour It’s Going to Be Free

4) They Have Their Own Happy Birthday Song (and it Involves Rhythmic Clapping)

3) It Has the Word “Shack” or “Hut” in its Name

2) The Menu Has More Pictures Than Actual Words

1) One or More Components of Your Meal are “Bottomless”

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