Two days ago, a man was arrested in Austria after robbing a pizza place at knifepoint and then failing to flee the premises before sitting down to enjoy his stolen pies. The man stated, “I know I should have run but those pizzas are good,” which promptly got us thinking about some of the other food items that are just plain tough to resist. So, in honor of this food-loving thief, we’re giving you 10 more questionable reasons to get arrested for food.

10) You dine and dash at an upscale restaurant but return a week later because the food was “just so good.”

9) You pretend your McDonald’s hamburger has something disgusting in it in a desperate attempt to make millions off a lawsuit.

8) You shamefully take advantage of the restaurant’s clearly posted (and harshly enforced) “one refill only” policy on all fountain drinks.

7) You abuse 9-1-1 by using it as a customer complaint line when you’re unsatisfied with the service at your local fast-food restaurant.

6) You misinterpret “family style” to mean that your meal needs to conclude with you shouting a series of escalating threats until police arrive on the scene and have you removed.

5) You offer to pay “what the meal was worth,” even though it’s clearly not one of the few restaurants that works that way.

4) You harass the waitress by continuously doing your impression of Jack Nicholson in Five Easy Pieces until the police are finally forced to show up.

3) You can’t help but riot when KFC refuses to honor your printed coupon for 2 pieces of grilled chicken, 2 sides, and a biscuit.

2) You attempt to rob a Dunkin’ Donuts only to realize the stereotype about cops loving donuts is more accurate than you thought.

1) You post a YouTube video of yourself working at a restaurant and defiling customers’ food.

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