6) Pomegranate


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?This timeless fruit, used as a symbol in Judaism, Ancient Greece, Christianity, Islam and many other cultures, is also really tasty. Who knew it would also make a great piece of body art?

From everytattoo.com

7) Fruits and Veggies



?A cornucopia of fresh produce makes for a nice half-sleeve. So far, we’ve picked out the tomatoes, pears, grapes and lettuce (maybe). We’re sure there’s more, but it’s enough to make us crave some healthy stuff. Does this count for his daily serving of fruits and vegetables?

From everytattoo.com

8) Beet



?One of the healthiest foods around and a beautiful color, these can be eaten raw in salads or roasted for a buttery smooth texture. Add one to your arm and show your appreciation for all the healthy and delicious things this root vegetable has to offer.

From rallycat!’s flickr stream

9) Top Chef



?So, technically, it’s not a food tattoo, but it is food-related, so we put it in our list. This person may even love Top Chef more than we do here at Daily Fork…enough to get this tattoo in a spot where it’d be impossible to hide. Found on the Top Chef blog

10) Pig and Radish



?For those of us wrestling with our carnivorous inclinations, there’s also a radish on the other arm to balance things out. Is today a pig or radish day? Our answer: every day is pig, but you may disagree.

From A Full Belly blog

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