Some people have taken their love of food to the ultimate immortalization. By creating a permanent record of their favorite pastries, fruits, vegetables and endless other goodies, their food tattoos shall live on in ink for at least the remainder of their owner’s lives. In tribute to two of our favorite things combined, here are 10 really cool food tattoos.

1) Mr. & Mrs. Sweet Potato

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?Some may think it’s a creepy way to bind themselves to one another through food and body ink. To others, a romantic way to show your love for one another and sweet potatoes. To each his or her own, but we wish we could hear the story of how they were deemed Mr. and Mrs. Sweet Potato.

From Satanoid’s Flickr stream

2) Corny

?We’re hoping that it doesn’t turn to popcorn if she gets sunburnt on her back. This beautiful piece was spotted on a panel attendee at the San Francisco Food Revolt.

From Steve Rhodes’ Flickr Stream

3) Hot dawg

?If you look all the way down, just above the jeans, you’ll see the above mentioned self-spelled “hot dawg” tattoo. July 4th and all other grilling holidays must be pretty awesome at this dude’s house. From PJA1966’s Flickr Stream

4) Cupcake Love


?We’re not sure who Aaron is or why his name makes an appearance on a forearm, but he must be one cute cupcake of a man for someone to place his name in such high esteem (and in the presence of pink icing).

From PaintedBookLady’s Flickr Stream

5) Breakfast anyone?


?Nothing like a bowl of cereal to make some great body art. Complete with splashing milk, this has got to be one of the most creative breakfast tatts we’ve come across, and one of the few not involving that lovely breakfast favorite, bacon.


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