As you all undoubtedly know, Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest yesterday, leaving the world without a pop king. Since this weekend’s television and radio programming will likely consist of Michael Jackson tributes and biographies, we figured what better way to honor the Gloved One than with a memorial dinner. We recommend inviting over your closest friends, cuing up the Thriller album, and attempting to execute a solemn version of the Moonwalk after chowing down on the following 10 potluck food dishes that have been revamped to pay tribute to MJ’s biggest hits.

10) The Way You Make Me Veal

9) Break of Prawn

8) Want to Be Starchin’ Somethin’

7) Rock Shrimp with You

6) Heel the World

5) Smooth Crimini

4) Pretty Young Wing

3) Billy Jean Almondine

2) Remember the Thyme Roast Chicken

1) Black or White Cookies

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