After writing up a list of 5 fruit flavored beers to help beat the heat there was a bit of backlash from people questioning the merits (and manliness) of the beverages we listed. Although we’re hardly in the mood to get lambasted for arguing the merits of fruit flavored beer, instead we’re proposing some seriously hardcore sounding alternatives for people in search of a more masculine brew. These 10 beers are so manly sounding that even the most bashful of beer drinkers would be proud to hold them label facing outward at their next party.

(Oh, and some of them actually taste pretty good too.)

10) Devil’s Pale Ale 666


Satanic, manly, or both? We say both.

9) Dragon’s Milk


Dragons might be the only animal badass enough to make milk seem tough.

8) Hoptimus Prime


A brew worthy of the Prime name.

7) Hop-ocalypse


Proof positive that when it comes to beer, puns can be manly.

6) Dead Guy Ale


If the name isn’t manly enough, the half gallon jug you can buy it in will seal the deal.

5) Monkey Knife Fight


Because Bum Fight E.S.B. doesn’t actually exist.

4) Mephistopheles


The bottle just screams “Don’t ask me to do Karaoke later.”

3) Total Domination IPA


If it was only partial domination it would be one thing, but this beer doesn’t mess around.

2) Skull Splitter


There’s only one thing more manly than “skull splitter”…

1) Back Hand of God Stout


We would imagine it feels a lot like velvet. Powerful, awe inspiring, velvet.

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