Making the perfect latte can already be considered an art form. However, topping it off with a creative flourish can really drive the point home. These 10 examples of latte art go way beyond the standard Starbucks fare and prove that not all baristas are created equal.

1) Planet Art

Via Photobucket

2) Dragon Art


Via Imgur

3) Spooky Smile Art

​Via Great Blog About

4) Skull and Cross Bones Art

​Via Vmunix

5) Moon and Star Latte Art


6) Awesome Eyepatch Art

​Via RedBarnCoffeeHouse

7) Mohawk Hedgehog Art

​Via Flickr

8) Puppy Dog Art

​Via GreatBlogAbout

9) Monkey Art

​Via WomansDay

10) Koala Art


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